Professor Art Bettis giving a lecture.

Developing Critical Thinking through Peer Review

Peer review is a critical component of the life of the mind and an effective teaching strategy for nurturing students’ critical thinking skills. In our newest video for The Extraordinary Teaching Project, Professor of Earth and Environmental Sciences Art Bettis describes how he uses peer review...Read more

Image of 4CAST conference attendees at a technology demonstration.

Digital Tools Inspire New Classroom Innovation and Collaboration

Each year on the Thursday before the start of spring classes, the Center for Teaching hosts the 4CAST conference (Campus Academic Strategies & Technologies) to provide UI faculty and lecturers an opportunity to share and explore new and effective teaching technologies. This year’s event, co-...Read more

Photo of a professor pointing to writing on a whiteboard.

Turning a Mirror onto Ourselves: Reflecting on Teaching

Many of us start the semester inspired by the idea that our courses can help students broaden their perspectives and use their new skills and understandings to reshape the world for the better. As we dive into the middle weeks of the semester, it’s easy to lose some of that enthusiasm in a...Read more

Photo of large empty lecture hall.

UI Faculty Weigh in on Controversial NYT Article

We invite our readers to offer their own insights about teaching in response to articles in the Office of Teaching, Learning & Technology newsletter. The January newsletter described both a New York Times guest editorial that praised the traditional lecture approach and the counterpoint...Read more

Image of students standing in a circle.

NYT Sparks Renewed Active-Learning Debate

Given the gravity of current national and international events, the furor sparked by a recent Op-Ed about lecturing in college classes came as something of a surprise.

Because let’s face it, it’s not often that a national conversation erupts about teaching strategies in higher education—...Read more

Photo of a professor speaking in front of a whiteboard.

Micro-Teach for Macro Reward

Learning how to give a good presentation or to become a more confident instructor can be difficult. It takes time and practice to know how an audience experiences a presentation and to understand how to sound and appear confident and engaging.

To help presenters see themselves more...Read more

Photo of a computer with One Button Studio recording an instructor.

One Button Studio: Click, Record and Go

Recording a great video is a lot harder than it looks. Navigating complex “gee-whiz” camera features, finding a backdrop that that doesn’t include a pesky cat, controlling lighting, and capturing audio that sounds better than a submarine radio transmission can frustrate the most dedicated user....Read more

Photo of students walking through the University of Iowa Pentacrest.

Recognition for UI Students and Faculty

The American Music Therapy Association recently recognized two nationally known experts in music therapy education with Lifetime Achievement Awards: University of Iowa Clinical Professor of Music Therapy Mary Adamek and the late Professor of Neurology at New York University School of Medicine...Read more

Image of students discussing assignments.

Brave Spaces: Encouraging Difficult Dialogues

Preparations for the spring 2016 UI Themes Semester, Just Living , have encouraged many instructors to consider how best to incorporate and facilitate difficult dialogues around social justice.

“While authentically exploring social oppression can be challenging, engaging in difficult...Read more


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