Person holding sign in front of face that says innovation and has bar graphs and flow charts

Submit Your ITTA Proposal to Receive Funding for a Teaching Project

Have an idea for a novel teaching project that leverages technology to positively impact student learning and potentially improves teaching at Iowa?

The  Innovations in Teaching with Technology Awards (ITTA)  just might provide the support you need.

Each year, the  Academic...Read more

Indoor UI classroom using COVID precautions like masks and social distancing

Fostering a Sense of Community Belonging Among Your Students

The connection students feel with each other and with their instructors is critical for student success. Making connections is more complex now that students are learning in virtual courses and modified classrooms.

A crucial first step is fostering a sense of community in your classroom...Read more

Profile pictures of Seth King and Nancy Abram

Affordable Content for Students Through ICON Direct

For Seth King, assistant professor in the College of Education, ensuring students have access to affordable content in the virtual teaching and learning environment is a high priority.

“Considering the textbook for my Introduction to Behavioral Analysis course was a new edition, the cost...Read more

Business person on Zoom video call

Supporting Graduate Student Success

Spare time in graduate school can be hard to come by. Is engaging in teaching development, particularly beyond an initial orientation, worth the investment? Recent research suggests that yes, involvement in this work yields positive outcomes for graduate students in several ways.

The...Read more

Hands typing on a laptop

MAUI in ICON: Making Course Management Easier

From learning more about students to exporting final grades, the MAUI in ICON application helps instructors manage their courses throughout the semester.

By offering a simplified view of MAUI inside their ICON site, the application gives instructors easy access to numerous features,...Read more

Sherry Watt

Q&A with Sherry Watt: Engaging in Difficult Dialogues

We asked Sherry K. Watt, PhD, professor of Higher Education and Student Affairs and founder of The Being Institute, to share insights from her research on difficult dialogues and strategies to engage participants in dialogue that is meaningful, passionate, and self-awakening.

Sherry and...Read more

Profile pictures of Timmothy Sommers, Gordon Louie, Caroline Cheung, and Austin Holland

Welcome New Center for Teaching Graduate Teaching Fellows

This fall, we have welcomed four new graduate teaching fellows to the Center for Teaching for the 2020-2021 academic school year. Our fellows work on a range of pedagogical issues and gain practical experience in the field of educational and faculty development. They work with Center for...Read more

Screen shot of Learning Spaces Technology web pages

A New Web Presence for Learning Spaces Technology

The Office of Teaching, Learning & Technology is excited to share the new Learning Spaces Technology (LST) web presence, a source of information regarding University Classrooms, Instructional Technology Centers, TILE classrooms, conference centers, and learning commons as well as available...Read more

Person typing on a laptop in an office

Using Captions to Increase Course Material Accessibility

Captions for your audio/video content are an essential piece in accessible and approachable materials.

Two main options are available for both post-produced and live captions. Professional captions are typed or reviewed by a person to meet accuracy standards. However, they can be...Read more


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