UI students attending the first of a large enrollment course in Macbride Auditorium

Learning Analytics in Teaching and Learning

By leveraging learning analytics, Research and Analytics provides insights into how students engage in your course and what course engagement and activities are associated with learning outcomes.

Screen shot of Course Equity Insights displaying information about first-gen students.

Course Equity Insights

Course Equity Insights help instructors identify any existing equity gaps in their course based on students’ identities, to reflect on how they can better support all students, and provide some strategies on inclusive teaching.

UI instructor engaging with students in an active learning environment on campus.

Learning Analytics Research Support

Provide actionable insights to campus partners by analyzing student perceptions, performance, engagement, and progression data and facilitate conversations about the implications of learning data and how it can be used to enhance teaching and student support.   

Screenshot of the Course Activity Insights tool displaying sample data of its six reports.

Course Activity Insights

Course Activity Insights is an analytics platform designed to help instructors make data-informed decisions about their teaching. It generates near real-time reports with daily updates to answer course-specific questions, so instructors can create supportive learning environments that engage students. 

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