Student working on a computer using the EoS dashboard to better understand their performance in a course

Video: Promoting Self-Regulated Learning with Elements of Success

Help your students succeed by implementing a learning analytics dashboard that generates real-time performance feedback for students in an easy-to-understand format.

Elements of Success was developed by the Office of Teaching, Learning, and Technology and Administrative Information...Read more

UI students sitting in Macbride Auditorium and listening to a presentation in a large lecture course

Midterm Student Feedback: Why and How?

Midterm feedback can nurture students’ learning experiences and improve instructors’ teaching practices.

Students’ feedback about their learning experiences can be elicited in various ways. A common form is the summative course evaluation, where students reflect on their experience with...Read more

Student carrying overflowing stack of textbooks across campus.

It’s Time to Order Your Course Materials

It may feel like the fall semester has barely begun, but now is the time to select instructional materials for the courses you will teach in the winter or spring term.

After you’ve selected content that aligns with your learning objectives, it is important to...Read more

A notebook paper that has the grade A plus written on it.

Gradescope: Reduce Time Spent Grading

Used for delivering assessments in any format, Gradescope is the ideal tool for providing feedback on student assignments, including written formulas, graphs, calculations, and other kinds of work that cannot be easily graded using ICON SpeedGrader. Students can even upload handwritten work to...Read more

Close up of hands using a tablet to navigate in the ICON dashboard

New Quizzes, More Options

A new quiz engine called New Quizzes is coming to Canvas, the learning management system that powers ICON. New Quizzes will allow instructors to create assessments using a wider variety of question types and provide new features, such as the option to print quizzes and...Read more

Profile images of Andrew Boge, Hannah Espy, Osama Khalid, and Samantha Warren

Meet Our New Graduate Teaching Fellows

This fall, the Center for Teaching welcomed four new graduate teaching fellows for the 2022–2023 academic year. Fellows gain practical experience in the field of educational and faculty development and work with Center for Teaching staff to create their own pedagogical project.

Hannah Espy...Read more
Profile images of Shimin Park and Kira Mathews

Resource Written by UI Undergrads Embraces Embodied Learning

Embracing Embodied Learning in Higher Education , a resource developed by University of Iowa undergraduate students Shimin Park and Kira Mathews, introduces embodied learning and encourages instructors to “normalize inviting movement and emotion into the classroom to honor...Read more

Instructor informally talking to students in a circle in a college classroom

Funding Available for Teaching Projects

The Innovations in Teaching with Technology Awards (ITTA) provide funding for innovative, results-oriented instructional technology projects that raise the level of teaching and learning at Iowa and have the potential to directly impact student success and retention...Read more

A college student sitting at desk behind a laptop and they are smiling at the camera.

Peerceptiv: A Powerful Tool for Peer Review

Incorporating peer review assessment into coursework gives your students an opportunity to become better readers, writers, and collaborators.

Peerceptiv , a tool to augment peer review of writing, gives students a structured process to critique and provide...Read more

Apple sitting on top of a stack of two books

Get Ready for Fall with OTLT

The ITS Office of Teaching, Learning & Technology (OTLT) provides integrated, comprehensive, expert, and partnership in teaching and learning through:

faculty development, graduate student development, and organizational development (Center for Teaching) academic technology and course...Read more


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