Graduation ceremony

Your Next Chapter: Preparing for Post-Grad Life

Now is a good time for graduate students to consider opportunities to advance their careers and marketability, especially if they plan to go on the job market during the next academic year. Preparation now will enhance...Read more

2018 Student Technology Insights

The Academic Technology Advisory Council (ATAC) is the OneIT governance council responsible for the Teaching & Learning domain. ATAC assists CIO Steve Fleagle and the Provost’s Office in setting directions and priorities for the use of...Read more

SERU Experience

Understanding Your Students through SERU

The University of Iowa has a long history of making institutional changes based on student input. At the UI, inviting students to share their learning experiences promotes a campus culture of self-improvement and...Read more

Brandon Myers, Lecturer, Computer Science

A Course Design Journey: The Learning Design Collaboratory

How do I effectively evaluate student learning in a large lecture classroom? What are best practices for combining instruction with in-class exercises, particularly in a TILE classroom? How can I best use TA-led discussion sections to prepare students for challenging...Read more


Accelerating Student Success Using Data

Elements of Success (EoS) is a learning analytics dashboard tool that can help students improve their performance in a course by providing real-time feedback and data visualizations on student performance. Developed by...Read more

Course Design Institute

Application Available for Course Design Institute

Learn, create, and explore. Applying these actions to your course, or a course you’d like to develop is made possible through the multi-day Course Design Institute – an intensive program that provides a platform to kick start your summer having thought deeply...Read more

TEACH dice

Kickstart your Teaching Career

The Center for Teaching aims to provide valuable resources and services for the unique needs of graduate students, TAs, and post-docs at the University of Iowa. The Graduate Teaching Fellows program is one of those enriching opporunities...Read more

Writing in notebook

Peer Perspectives - Incorporating Peerceptiv into ICON

Peer review of writing can help students improve not only their writing but also their reading and collaboration skills. Through a well-designed process, students assess each other’s work, providing feedback on whatever elements of writing the instructor has...Read more

Graduation at the University of Iowa

I'm the First: Student Pioneers at UI

There are many ways to be “the first” during a college career, but first-generation students are, by definition, “first” from the day they set foot on campus: They are the first in their families to attend college, a...Read more

Michael Brown, Assistant Professor, Education, Iowa State University

Strategies for Success

Teaching in higher education can pose many interesting challenges, from helping students engage in academic discourse with honesty and integrity, to facilitating effective group work or going beyond traditional...Read more


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