Students standing around a table and working together on a large piece of paper laying on the table.

Understanding the Challenge of Difficult Dialogues

A difficult dialogue is a conversation that creates discomfort in both listeners and speakers due to challenges of navigating various individual perspectives, value systems, and a sense of identity and worldview (Conyers et al., 2020; Singleton & Hays, 2005). These...Read more

Hao Zhou

Intellectually Fruitful Diversity Exercises for Any Classroom

Each year, graduate teaching fellows design and facilitate a workshop as part of their work with the OTLT Center for Teaching. In this Q&A, we feature Hao Zhou, Film & Video Production program.

His workshop,  Intellectually Fruitful Diversity Exercises for Any Classroom , will be...Read more

A floor mat that says welcome on board

Welcome New OTLT Staff

Please join the Office of Teaching, Learning & Technology in welcoming five new staff members—a course improvement coordinator, a communications infrastructure engineer, an educational developer, a learning analytics specialist, and an instructional technology consultant.

Jeremy...Read more
A stack of three textbooks next to a tablet on top of an open textbook.

Let's Go to the Book Fair

Attend the first Pressbooks Book Fair from 2:30 to 3:30 p.m. on Thursday, March 24. This hybrid event will highlight the incredibly versatile and easy-to-use Pressbooks.

Pressbooks is a software that allows you to create open educational resources (OER),...Read more

Ranthony Edmonds

Setting the Stage with the Graduate Teaching Fellowship

Apply to be part of the 2022–2023 Graduate Teaching Fellows cohort . Applications are due by 11:59 p.m. on Tuesday, April 12.

In 2016, Ranthony A.C. Edmonds was a member of the inaugural Graduate Teaching Fellows cohort. Recently, we caught up with her to...Read more

Dan Corry

Event: Student Engagement in a Large Classroom Setting

Each year, graduate teaching fellows design and facilitate a workshop as part of their work with the OTLT Center for Teaching. In this Q&A, we feature Dan Corry, a PhD candidate in the Department of Epidemiology.

His workshop, Loving the Lecture: Promoting Student...Read more

Dominic Dongilli

Event: Structures to Foster Engagement Beyond the Classroom

Each year, graduate teaching fellows design and facilitate a workshop as part of their work with the OTLT Center for Teaching. In this Q&A, we feature Dominic Dongilli, a PhD candidate in the Departments of American Studies and Gender, Women’s & Sexuality...Read more

Student holding their phone up while sitting in front of a desktop computer.

The Student Technology Panel Is Back

How are students using technology to learn, engage with course materials, and connect with their instructors and peers? These topics have been at the forefront of higher education in recent years.

Join the Academic Technology Advisory Council (ATAC) for the...Read more

Instructors collaborating on post-it notes during a Course Design Institute

Curious About Course Design?

Instructors who wish to learn how to design, redesign, or revise a course are invited to apply for the OTLT Center for Teaching’s Course Design Institute , a multi-day, in-person workshop. The strategies explored in this institute can also be beneficial for instructors...Read more


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