Peerceptiv is a tool to augment peer-review of writing. It allows instructors to describe assignments and the process of peer review, create reviewing rubrics, and establish a communication framework for students to share and respond to each other. The platform supports peer review of written work, videos, business plans, presentations, and other types of works that can benefit from peer assessment.

Peerceptiv also has a Team Evaluation feature, a peer evaluation that does not center on documents or products, but instead gives students an opportunity to evaluate team members’ contributions in any group project. Peerceptiv Team Evaluation can be set up manually or connect to ICON when groups are already built in the People tab. Instructors can use this tool to gain quantitative and qualitative data about the dynamics of each group, and group members gain valuable feedback that can help them improve their collaboration skills.

ICON and Peerceptiv are fully integrated, allowing instructors and students to participate in peer review activities online in synchronous and asynchronous classroom settings.

To learn about integrating Peerceptiv into your ICON course assignments, see our instruction page.

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Incorporating peer review activities into your courses can help your students become better writers, readers, and collaborators. Peerceptiv scales this peer collaboration to any course size, and integrates it within your ICON course site.

Documentation on getting started with Peerceptiv is available at the vendor support site, where you will find step-by-step guides to creating an assignment and introducing Peerceptiv to students.

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