Under the executive sponsorship of Associate Provost Beth Ingram and CIO Steve Fleagle, three separate instructional support units on campus – ITS Instructional Services (ITS-IS), the Center for Teaching (CfT), and Evaluation and Examination Service (EES) – will be consolidated. These three groups will be reorganized and revitalized into the “Office of Teaching, Learning & Technology”.

This reorganization is part of our strategy to support, develop and encourage faculty and TA professional teaching and learning strategies, including active-learning pedagogies, and to leverage and expand our position as a national leader in active-learning.  We want the question “What academic learning experience do you want your students to have?” to be at the heart of what we do; that question spans pedagogy, faculty and TA professional development, facilities, and technology.

Vision for a New Organization

Chart delineating the phased schedule described below.

Phases Explained

  • Phase 1 (January 2014 through August 2014):  Combine staff from the three units (ITS Instructional ServicesEvaluation & Examination Services and The Center for Teaching) and begin the work of developing new structure and culture.
  • Phase 2 (August 2014 and beyond):  Build a new unit (called the Office of Teaching, Learning & Technology) with strong, shared principles for supporting the best possible teaching and learning environment for the campus.