Photo of a student reading a notebook at a computer.

Youtube Alternative for Campus Streaming

The rapid development and pervasive use of new media tools have empowered almost anyone to create, shape, and disseminate information and narrative that engage and persuade.

ShareStream – a campus-supported YouTube alternative for streaming audio and video files – now provides one more...Read more

Photo of the lending library in the new Center for Teaching office.

Center for Teaching Open House

To celebrate the new location of the ITS Office of Teaching, Learning & Technology's Center for Teaching, please attend the Center for Teaching Open House event:

Tuesday, November 17, 1:00 - 4:00 pm 2080 University Capitol Centre (above Hills Bank)

...Read more

Photo of pharmacy students in a laboratory setting.

Pharmacy Course Focuses on Students

As a pharmacy student nine years ago, Michelle Fravel was not always sure that sitting in an auditorium for hours listening to lectures was the best way to learn and prepare for her professional career.

Now a University of Iowa Clinical Assistant Professor of Applied Clinical Sciences,...Read more

Photo of a professor lecturing in front of a whiteboard.

Mid-semester Feedback

It’s been seven weeks since the start of fall classes and students and instructors are well into the rhythm of the semester. It’s a good time for you and your students to pause and take stock of how classes are going and what adjustments might enhance their learning experiences.

A...Read more

Image of the Center for Teaching in the Old Capital Mall.

The Center for Teaching has Moved

The ITS Office of Teaching, Learning & Technology's Center for Teaching has moved.

The new location is in University Capitol Centre 2080, which is at the north end of the second floor of UCC, above Hills Bank.

Please feel free to come visit, borrow a book on teaching and...Read more

Photo of students working on laptops in class.

Proposals for Innovative Projects Due Oct. 15

The University of Iowa Academic Technologies Advisory Council will accept proposals for the Innovations in Teaching with Technology Awards through Oct. 15.

The goal of the Innovations in Teaching with Technology Awards program is to raise the level of teaching and learning at the UI by...Read more

Glamour shot style lecture hall and online learning overlay.

Blended Learning: More than the Sum of its Parts

As Iowa faces the challenge of larger undergraduate enrollments in the future, balancing sustained academic excellence and the effective use of University facilities will become increasingly critical to our institutional success.

Through careful course design and use of teaching...Read more

Image of yellow sunrise beyond the University of Iowa Pentacrest.

Telling the UI Story through Assessment

When Wayne Jacobson, PhD, Director of the Office of Assessment, arrived at the University of Iowa from Seattle five years ago, one of the first things he discovered was how extensively campus departments were already engaged in a variety of assessment strategies.

“The university has made...Read more

Students working on laptops in groups in a TILE classroom

Faculty Member Collaborates on New Teaching Research

The Office of Teaching, Learning & Technology (OTLT) collaborates with instructors on research studies about how our programs and services support student learning outcomes. Faculty members can then use these scholarship of teaching and learning (SoTL) outcomes to make more informed...Read more

Photo of students working at a laptop in the learning commons.

ACE Just Got Easier

Thanks to the efforts of OTLT Enterprise Instructional Technology (EIT) and the support of collegiate administrators and faculty, members of the Class of 2019 may never experience a printed course evaluation form. Assessing the Classroom Environment—better known as “ACE”—forms are now “ACE...Read more


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