What is Elements of Success?

Elements of Success is a learning analytics platform that gives students real-time feedback  in an easy-to-understand, visual format that helps students succeed by helping them better understand their current course performance and ways they can improve or maintain their grade.

This program was created by the Office of Teaching, Learning, and Technology and Administrative Information Systems, in close collaboration with faculty members at Iowa.

Getting Started with Elements of Success

Select the Request Form to add Elements of Success to your course or request a meeting with the Elements of Success Team.

Although Elements of Success can be used in a variety of courses, it will be most valuable for courses with certain characteristics, such as:

  • Courses that have formative assessments (small assignments like homework or quizzes) and summative assessments (larger assignments like tests or papers).
  • Courses where the ICON gradebook uses assignment groups and is frequently updated.
  • Courses that have at least 25 students.

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