Top Hat allows students to enter responses via their cell phones, laptops, or tablets through an app or web browser. Instructors create questions, discussions, and interactive elements that can be mixed with their class presentations. These tools have been used extensively for quizzes and tests, to direct classroom discussions, and to provide feedback on course material.

Learn how Top Hat can help make classes more interactive by facilitating class discussions, guiding lectures, encouraging peer instruction, and offering polling options. 

Accessing Top Hat

To access Top Hat, please navigate to

Get started with Top Hat


Instructors can order Top Hat through the ICON Direct Ordering Tool for a reduced cost to students. ICON Direct ordering deadlines apply to Top Hat and other materials.


Top Hat student licenses cost:

  • $15 per semester, charged to your U-Bill through ICON Direct.
  • If you have an active license, you will not be charged.
  • If you are enrolled in more than one course that requires Top Hat in a single semester, you will only be billed once.
  • Visit the Top Hat Student Quick Start Guide for information on accessing Top Hat, response options, and grade book information.

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