ICON course sites are available for Registrar-affiliated and non-Registrar-affiliated courses or for instructor testing and development purposes.Registrar-affiliated courses are those that are tracked by the Office of the Registrar (i.e., courses with UI course numbers). Students register for these courses in MyUI, and their enrollment is automatically updated in the course site.

Registrar-affiliated Course Creation

An ICON course site is created automatically for each Registrar-affiliated course that exists in MAUI/MyUI and is approved in MAUI. Once added in MAUI, instructors and TAs are added to courses in ICON for the current semester and the next two semesters if they have completed FERPA training.

Independent Study courses are created in ICON once a student registers for the course in MyUI.

A process runs each night that moves course and enrollment data from MAUI to ICON. Changes made in MAUI will be passed to ICON the next night, and the courses will appear in ICON the next day.

How Instructors are Added to Registrar-affiliated Courses in ICON

Instructors are automatically enrolled in ICON courses if they have completed FERPA training at least once. See the Office of the Executive Vice President & Provost’s policy on FERPA training or the Office of the Registrar’s FERPA/Privacy Information page for more information

Sign Up for FERPA Training

Instructors can sign up for FERPA training through Compliance and Qualifications:

  1. Log in with your HawkID, and click on the Enroll in Course button.
  2. You will be redirected to the ICON FERPA training site, where you can review the material under the Content tool and take the FERPA compliance quiz.

Once the training has been completed, instructors will be added to their ICON courses during the next enrollment sync.

For Non-Registrar Affiliated Courses

To request a non-registrar-affiliated ICON course site, please use the online request form. Instructors or staff who want an ICON development site or a site for training or other organizational purposes must also complete this online request form. You will be contacted by e-mail when your site is available or if additional information is necessary.

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