ICON Direct is the University of Iowa's initiative for ordering digital content from specific publishers and delivering this content to students and faculty.

Inclusive access, also known in some schools as "Digital Direct" or "All Students Acquire" is a model of course content delivery that provides access to eTexts and online learning platforms (such as Mastering Chemistry or MyMathLab) automatically to the students enrolled in specific courses. Every student enrolled has the same content available on the first day of class. By delivering content through the ICON course site, ICON Direct ensures all students and faculty have access to their content in a common, easily accessible location.

A faculty member must decide before the beginning of the semester whether or not ICON Direct eligible materials are appropriate for their course. This required material, a publisher's eText or online learning platform, will be provided to all students enrolled in the course. All students will pay for the content through their U-Bill after the start of the course.

  • Instructors and Departmental Administrators order ICON Direct materials through the ICON Direct Order Tool. The content available in the Order Tool is from the publishers that have signed a consortium-level contract with Unizin.
  • Students have the opportunity to Opt Out of the course material during the beginning of the course, but their ability to participate fully in the course without these materials may be limited. No charge to the student's U-Bill will be made if the course is dropped during the Opt Out period.

After the Opt Out period a charge will be placed on the students' U-Bills for the cost of the digital content. The specific charge will depend on what material was selected by the faculty member.

Get started with ICON Direct

Instructions and online help are available at the Order Tool Knowledge Base, or you can contact ICON-Direct@uiowa.edu.

If you are unable to find the course materials, eTexts, or online learning platforms that you would like for your course, access the "Add a Content Request" tool within the ICON Direct Order Tool to enter the title/author/publisher information. You will be notified if the publisher of the book is participating with Unizin to provide inclusive access content, or not.

ICON Direct orders will be listed in MAUI as required materials for all students enrolled in the course. Selection of any inclusive access materials should be made with the understanding that they are essential for student success in the course. Optional course materials should not be ordered through ICON Direct.

Please do not duplicate orders between ICON Direct and the Iowa Hawkshop and University Bookstore. Begin your selection.

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