FY14 Innovations in Teaching with Technology Awards

In 2013, (9) proposals were submitted to the Innovations in Teaching with Technology Awards. The Academic Technology Advisory Council awarded a total of $85,330 for the following (5) proposals. For more information about each proposal, click on the proposal title.            

Proposal Title Principal Investigators Org Unit Department Award
Enhancing Student Learning in Transport Phenomena Related Engineering Courses Through Web-accessed Computational Thermal-Fluid Modeling Tools H.S. ​Udaykumar College of Engineering Mechanical and Industrial Engineering $25,000
Web-based Augmented and Virtual Reality Flood Simulation Platform for Game-based Learning of Hydrological Concepts Ibrahim Demir  College of Engineering IIHR Hydroscience and Engineering, $12,000 
The Acquisition and Integration of Unpiloted Aerial Vehicles in Spatial Analyses Courses Marc Linderman College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Geographical and Sustainability Sciences $5,230 
Transforming Content Delivery in Advanced Chemistry Laboratory Courses Renee Cole College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemistry $33,100 
Making Algorithmic Thinking Concrete via Collaboration with the Performing Arts - Year 2 Alberto Segre College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Computer Science $10,000
      TOTAL: $85,330