In 2008, 13 proposals were submitted to the Innovations in Teaching with Technology Awards. The Academic Technology Advisory Council awarded a total of $65,928 for the following five proposals.

Spectral Analysis for Visual Realization in Teaching Applied Lessons

Kenneth Tse, School of Music, received $9,200 to study the use of spectrum analysis software with visual aid in teaching applied instrumental or vocal lessons. It is the primary objective of this research project to investigate the prospect and applicableness of using real-time visual spectrogram to aid a student’s understanding, realization and production of, what is visually and aurally perceived, a good sound.

Creation of a State of the Art Computerized Music Learning Facility

Brandon Bascom, School of Music, received $19,598 to improve the computerized electronic piano laboratory at the School of Music. Piano Pedagogy is a research field which requires the proposed resources, as it is an area which is becoming more and more based in technology. This award will allow for the creation of a modern state-of-the-art learning facility, similar to those at other institutions.

Teaching Across Scales

David Bennett, UI Department of Geography, was awarded $23,000 Wind energy is increasingly recognized as an important and viable source of energy from a zero cost and emission fuel. In 2007 the U.S. wind energy industry grew by 45%. This growth is accompanied by increased demand for wind energy professionals. To meet this demand the UI’s Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering has established a new program in Wind Power Management. One challenge associated with teaching about wind energy is communicating the complex interactions among wind turbine design, landscape morphology, and the dynamics of wind. This challenge will be addressed by allowing students to explore wind energy production at three distinct scales.

Measuring Effectiveness of Two Technologies Adopted in Nursing Pharmacology

Ellen Cram, College of Nursing, was awarded $6,500 to create an expandable database to archive data from ACE form student feedback and ATI performance scores on the nursing pharmacology exam, create capability within this program to query the data and create reports, and use the findings to trend student performance over time and based on these data reassess and refine teaching tools including these two specific technological applications.

A Database-Driven System for Improving the Efficiency and Leveraging the Learning Value of Student-Faculty Email Exchanges

Ken Brown, UI Department of Management and Organizations, received $7,000 to develop a database driven system that will help collect, categorize, and answer student emails.