In 2007, 17 proposals were submitted to the Innovations in Teaching with Technology Awards. The Academic Technology Advisory Council awarded a total of $72,200 for the following four proposals

Tropical America Virtual Field School

Tiffany Adrain, UI Department of Geoscience, and Ann Budd, UI Department of Geoscience, received $17,200 to create a virtual field school that takes students in the Principles of Paleontology (012:121) and Evolution and History of Life (012:004) classes to Tropical America to investigate the marine environments of Florida and the Caribbean over the last 25 million years and discover how natural processes in action in the Caribbean today can provide clues about North America’s past.

Incorporating CT-based Technology in Undergraduate and Graduate Instruction in Human Evolutionary Studies

Robert Franciscus, UI Department of Anthropology; Russell Ciochon, UI Department of Anthropology; and Nathan Holton, UI Department of Anthropology; were awarded $24,000 to develop a training program in CT technology to be taught as units in two, existing upper-level undergraduate lab courses, Human Evolutionary Anatomy (113:169:001) and Human Osteology (113:190:001). This workstation will serve as a core lecture and a practical exam evaluation tools and will also significantly enhance the research practicum opportunities for undergraduate and graduate.

Theory of Learning Applied to Dermatopathology in Medical Student Curriculum

Vincent Liu, UI Department of Dermatology; Theodore Alkousakis, UI Department of Dermatology; and Joshua Wilson, UI Department of Dermatology; received $17,000 to use computer-based learning programs to enhance the visual aspect of learning. Given the technological advances and versatility of computer-based learning tools, the subject of skin pathology provides a ideal subject for new methods of learning.

Web 2.0 and Beyond: Electronic Social Networks and Classroom Instruction

Jon Winet, School of Art and Art History; Jim Elmborg, School of Library and Information Science; Steve McGuire, School of Art and Art History, and Rachel Williams, School of Art and Art History; received $20,000 for the School of Art and Art History Area Intermedia Area and the Writing University Experimental Wing to create a year-long think tank to first investigate electronic social networking practices, and then develop a range of experimental uses with the goal of positively impacting instruction.