Potential Course Assessments

Use the space on the right to capture assessments and feedback for your course.

Major Assessments - Large percentage of the course grade

  • Traditional tests (multiple choice, short answers)
  • Take-home tests
  • Papers (e.g., case study analysis, research paper, essay, reports)
  • Presentations
  • Products (e.g., media product, application)
  • Portfolios






Formative Assessments

  • Quizzes (online vs. in-class)
  • Homework
  • 1-minute paper
  • Reflective journals






Feedback Types

  • Instructor’s feedback to individual student
  • Teaching Assistant’s feedback to individual student, if possible
  • Instructor’s feedback to the whole class/groups
  • Peer-assessment/peer review
  • Self-assessment
  • Automated feedback by technology (e.g., ICON quiz tool)






​For more ideas about assessment, refer to the tasks ring in Bloom’s Taxonomy.

At this point, many instructors find it helpful to take time to draft the exams and assignments as well as grading rubrics.