Below are instructional tools supported centrally by the Office of Teaching, Learning & Technology. Each page lists pedagogically centered resources as well quicklinks to the corresponding help pages on the ITS website.

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Peer Review


Peerceptiv is a double-blind student peer-to-peer student assessment system. Students upload their assignments into Peerceptiv, which automatically and anonymously assigns the document to 3 to 6 of the student’s classmates. Peerceptiv supports writing across the curriculum.Read more
Turnitin Peermark logo

PeerMark - Turnitin

An online tool that engage students in the writing process by getting them to provide structured, anonymous feedback of other student’s written work.Read more
Image of students discussing assignments.

Placement Exams

The Placement Exam Portal is a quick and convenient way for advisers and students to access test scores from placement exams administered at UI and by national test companies.Read more
Turnitin Plagiarism Detection logo

Plagiarism Detection - Turnitin

Plagiarism Detection is one of three interrelated tools in the Turnitin suite that ensures original work by using text matching to assist plagiarism and collusion checks.Read more
Respondus LockDown Browser logo

Respondus Lockdown Browser

Respondus Lockdown Browser is a special internet browser used to take online quizzes or tests through ICON. When taking a quiz, a student will be unable to use other programs.Read more
ShareStream logo


ShareStream is a campus-supported YouTube alternative for streaming audio and video files.Read more
UI Capture Logo


UICapture allows instructors to record what happens in their classrooms and make it available digitally using ICON courses or other web sites.Read more
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Web Conferencing

Zoom is our campus-wide web conferencing service that allows users from all across the globe to connect to a virtual meeting. Users are able to share audio, video, screens, and other content with other users and many more features for meeting facilitation.Read more
Wiki logo


A wiki is a web-based tool for collaboration and discussion. Popular uses include team notes or documentation, information sharing, or collaboration with classmates and external researchers.Read more