Plagiarism Detection is one of three interrelated tools in the Turnitin suite that ensures original work by using text matching to assist plagiarism and collusion checks.


Students submit papers (either in Microsoft Word or other common file formats), and then the instructor then receives an originality report showing possible matches between the submitted paper and external resources such as leading library databases & publications. It is important to note that the final decision about the presence of a plagiarism lies with the instructor.

Do not rely on an arbitrary originality score to indicated the severity of plagiarism or collusion. Each case is unique and should be fully investigated with due rigor. Cases of spurious false positives, self plagiarism, etc, are common cause of misinterpretation. If possible, work with students to help them understand the results, to ensure the tool is used as an effective teaching aid.

How to use Plagiarism Detection

There are two ways instructors can use Turnitin's Plagiarism Detection service. They may use the integration with ICON's dropbox tool to check student's papers for plagiarism, or they may use the Turnitin web interface. If instructors wish to use the web interface, they must set up an account on account, have their students set up a account, and give their students the course specific login and password.