Respondus Lockdown Browser is a custom browser that is built for assessments within an LMS. When using Lockdown Browser, the user is limited to only the tools they need when taking an assessment. Any functions pertaining to content sharing, copying/pasting, or navigating to external sites are all prohibited in this Browser.

Lockdown Browser is primarily used for online exams to prevent cheating. When in Lockdown Browser the student will have no access to other functions of the computer other than those allowed in the exam.

Key Features

  • assessments displayed full screen and cannot be minimized
  • assessments cannot be exited until submitted by user
  • cannot switch to other applications while Lockdown Browser is open
  • print and PrintScreen are disabled
  • copying and pasting is disabled
  • screen capture, messaging, screen-sharing, and other sharing applications are blocked
  • right click functionality is disabled
  • browser and URL bar are disabled from use

The feature list was derivedĀ from this link: