What is the One Button Studio?

One Button Studio is a user-friendly way to practice presentations.Viewing a video of yourself can help you spot verbal tics, hand gestures, and facial expressions that can detract from your presentation.

There are 5 SIMPLE STEPS

  1. Load your background or PowerPoint slides on to the PRESENTATION COMPUTER (we will have several backgrounds to choose from if you don’t bring your own)
  2. Plug your own flash drive into the RECORDING COMPUTER to activate the lights and camera
  3. Record your presentation with the touch of a single BUTTON
  4. Stop recording by pressing the BUTTON
  5. Remove your flash drive

NOTE: To use the One Button Studio, you will need to bring a USB flash drive. To give you an idea of the size of flash drive you’ll need, 1GB flash drive can hold about 25 minutes of recording.

The One Button Studio software is a free OS X application, created by Penn State University. 


  • UI Instructors and faculty can use One Button Studio for a wide range of class assignments, such as documenting small-group discussions, presentations, and mock interviews. Clinical training can be enhanced by using the Studios to participate in variety of mock patient interactions, such as medical history intake.
  • UI staff can use the One Button Studio to create instructional videos for student employees.
  • Community members can also use One Button Studio. Popular projects include recording family history and creating presentations.
  • Once you’ve recorded in the One Button Studio, you can use the raw footage to create a video that includes other elements such as music, titles, captions, photography, and video footage shot outside the studio. Please note that the One Button Studio is not a production space. If you plan to edit your video, you’ll need to find other equipment and software.