Clickers allow students to enter responses through mobile devices and can be used as a formative assessment tool and help promote active learning. As a result of student engagement with "clickers," the physical classroom becomes a collaborative work space. Instructors ask questions and students respond using their clickers. The instructor can then display the results so that the class can see a visual representation of all student responses. Clickers are also referred to as "Student Response Systems", "Audience Response Systems", or "Personal Response Systems".

Key Features

  • free mobile app ResponseWare,
  • conduct polls in the classroom for the instructor to see how students respond to a question or concept,
  • deliver in-class quizzes for feedback or students understanding the concepts being presented,
  • obtain student feedback about the lecture being presented,
  • anonymous response optional,
  • integrates with PowerPoint,
  • help facilitate class discussions by allowing the instructor to see how students are feeling about a particular topic, and
  • gather student demographic data.

An instructor account will need to be created before using the software that generates clicker questions. Visit the ITS Clicker service page to get started.

The Office of Teaching, Learning & Technology provides a variety support for preparing to use clickers. Clicker trainings are provided at the start of the semester and by request.