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October 3, 2018

Reminder: Dropped students now appear as inactive in courses.


Previously, when a student dropped a course in MAUI, they were removed from the course in ICON. Several instructors found this to be problematic, as they could no longer view grades or other information about students who had dropped their course.


Now, when a student drops a course in MAUI, they are marked as inactive in ICON. Students who are inactive in an ICON course cannot access the course, and instructors can still view the grades ( as well as other information for students who dropped the course. 


For more details on the different statuses students can have in a course (active, inactive, concluded, deleted), visit:



September 5, 2018

New Features in ICON

  1. Non-Scoring Rubrics: This enhancement to the rubric tool allows rubrics without point values to be attached to assignments. For more information about non-scoring rubrics, please see the Canvas Release: Non-Scoring Rubrics document.
  2. Anonymous Moderated Grading: The current anonymous and moderated grading features have been turned on for our institution to allow more flexibility and options in existing the SpeedGrader tool. For more information about anonymous moderated grading, please see the Canvas Release: Anonymous Moderated Grading document.
  3. Student To Do List View: This feature is for students – a summary view of all course tasks in a chronological list format.  For full details, questions, or comments about the Dashboard List View, please see the Canvas Release: Student Dashboard List View document.