Individual Consultations

Center staff members consult with individual faculty and TAs on teaching issues of all kinds, including help with presentation skills, ideas for engaging the class, dealing with challenging students, and developing teaching portfolios. Staff members can assist teachers in thinking through curricular changes, syllabus revisions, the creation of assignments and exam questions, and student evaluations. Consultations are generally scheduled, but for simple questions, we can confer by e-mail or telephone.

All Center consultations are confidential matters between the Center staff and the client. In particular, the staff of the Center will not discuss any aspect of a particular consultation with those charged with the evaluation of teaching performance of the client. Clients may waive the confidentiality of their consultations in writing.

Departmental Consultations & Workshops

The Center for Teaching offers workshops that can be adapted to departmental needs and schedules. We provide packets of resources for participants.

Popular workshop topics include:

  • Tips for New Teachers
    Get a course and your teaching career off to a good start.
  • Leading a Discussion
    Actively engage students in the classroom by asking good questions, effectively presenting information, authentically assessing learning, reflecting on teaching, and creating a community of learners.
  • Syllabus Construction
    Consider topics beyond the course calendar including ground rules, course goals and objectives, and incorporation of the rhythms of the semester.
  • Teaching Portfolios
    Create an accurate and effective portfolio of your teaching through documentation and reflection.
  • Service Learning
    Enhance student learning by incorporating service learning into courses.
  • Helping Students Write
    Help students improve their writing without overburdening your teaching hours.
  • Dealing with Challenging Students
    Create ground rules, rouse quiet students, and tactfully guide students.

To schedule a consultation or workshop contact the Center for Teaching at or by calling (319) 335-6048.