Investigators: Scott Fiddelke, Digital Media Projects Manager, Information Commons Production Services
Org Unit: University Library
Department(s): Hardin Library
Proposal Summary: With interest in distance and online learning on the rise, Information Commons Production Services (ICPS) has been approached many times to create methods of delivering online course materials. ICPS staff members have been looking for a commercially-available tool that will allow the instructor to sit down with PowerPoint slides and a microphone and essentially give the lecture to the computer, where it can be sequenced, stored and packaged for easy upload to a networked storage location and delivered out to the Web. After an exhaustive search by multiple members of the ICPS team, we have not yet located a tool that does everything that we would like it to do. Every time we think we have found a potential tool or service, it falls short of the company's promises or costs an unreasonable amount of money. This proposal is to assemble our own tool that will easily create and deliver lectures online.












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