Featured Instructors: 

Christine Catney, M.A., Pharm.D., clinical assistant professor of pharmacy

Hazel Hilton Seaba, Pharm.M.S., associate dean of pharmacy

Jim Peterson, M.A., Rotary Club of Iowa City A.M. - District 6000 (Iowa, USA)


Use service-learning to help students synthesize and apply academic knowledge.


  • Promotes critical thinking and reflection
  • Encourages student confidence and teamwork skills
  • Motivates student interest through application of academic knowledge


Christine Catney and Hazel Hilton Seaba describe how they broaden students’ learning through participation in a long-standing international interdisciplinary service-learning course, International Perspectives: Xicotepec. Service-learning is premised upon an equal partnership that benefits both students and the community. Through service-learning, students apply and synthesize knowledge and make meaningful connections between academic content and professional experience. The international aspect of the course helps students to appreciate global diversity, to experience being an outsider, and to better understand their own communities. 


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