Center for Teaching Lending Library
The Center for Teaching library has a wide variety of books, teaching & learning journals, and DVDs on various teaching topics. Resources are available for check-out by faculty, teaching assistants, and instructional staff.
Early Career Faculty Academy
The Early-Career Instructor Academy is a learning community designed specifically for a cohort of first-year, tenure-track faculty who, with the encouragement of their DEOs, make a commitment to participate. The cohort explores various aspects of teaching and provides one another with support, accountability, and feedback in preparation for the third-year review.
Thank-A-Teacher Program
The Thank-a-Teacher program provides an opportunity for students to express appreciation for their instructors’ dedication to teaching by allowing them to submit a short letter to instructors with their name or anonymously.
Game-Based Learning Faculty Institute
Game-based learning is designed to balance subject matter with game play and to help the player retain and apply what they have learned to the real world. CFT and ITS worked with a group of UI faculty members who had identified a learning need in their students and were looking to devise a game to help students address that learning challenge.