Early-Career Instructors
Early Career Instructors are defined as pre-tenure instructors (clinical-track, tenure-track, lecturers, and adjuncts) in their first three years of teaching at The University of Iowa.
Extraordinary Teaching Project
The Extraordinary Teaching Project showcases the rich array of pedagogies and teaching philosophies University of Iowa instructors incorporate into their teaching.
UI CS Performing Robots
In an extraordinary collaboration, the three credit-hour “Dancing Robots” and “Robot Theater” classes have provided UI students and instructors with unusual cross-discipline opportunities.
eText Pilot Project
The UI eText Pilot Project is an examination regarding whether electronic textbooks are more convenient and economical for students.
Center for Teaching
The Center for Teaching exists to support excellence in teaching and learning through institutes, workshops, programs and one-on-one consultation. We offer support and resources for any instructor, administrator or staff member involved in teaching and learning at the University of Iowa.
Navigate the OTLT website through the Faculty audience page to learn about support and opportunities for Faculty.
Big Ideas Courses
Big Ideas (BI) Courses are general education courses centered on themes rather than individual disciplines. These courses are team-taught across an array of disciplines, departments, and even colleges.
About Us
The Office of Teaching, Learning & Technology (OTLT) supports, develops, and encourages faculty and TA professional teaching and learning strategies, including support for a wide variety of instructional technology solutions and expert assessment consulting and resources.
Unizin has been created to help member universities and subscribers customize and unify a wide range of tools for online learning and digital course management. It will support services for educational content, software platforms, and analytics.
Classroom Observation
Classrooms observations are a service provided by the Center for Teaching upon an instructor's request. Staff will attend a class to observe and provide feedback to instructors on a variety of topics such as student interaction with instructors, classroom delivery style and use of teaching technologies. This service is voluntary and confidential.
Instructional IT Staff
Instructional technology staff support faculty and students in their use of technology to further their teaching and learning.