Early Career Faculty Academy

The Early Career Faculty Academy is a learning community designed specifically for a cohort of first-year, tenure-track faculty who, with the encouragement of their DEOs, make a commitment to participate. The cohort explores various aspects of teaching and provides one another with support, accountability, and feedback in preparation for the third-year review.Read more

Big Ideas Faculty Learning Community

Unizin Mission & Values

“Increasingly, digital ecosystems are infrastructure—more like common gauge rails than differentiating features of a university.”

– Prof. James Hilton, Vice Provost of Digital Educational Initiatives & Dean of Libraries, University of Michigan

Unizin has been created to help member...Read more

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Unizin Task Forces

April 20, 2015

Video Management Task Force - Lisa Martincik and Annette Beck

The Video Management Requirements Task Force will advise on requirements for a video management repository and delivery solution. This recommendation will confirm and list all of the necessary...Read more

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Graduate Students & Post-Docs

Graduate TAs and Post-Docs are important members of the University of Iowa teaching community. Whether leading courses on their own or working closely with faculty, TAs and post-docs contribute to student success through designing courses, assisting professors, conducting labs, and developing...Read more


Unizin logo

Unizin is a consortium of universities formed around the idea that higher education—and not just private vendors—should own, direct and share a set of services that further teaching and learning. It has been created to help member universities and subscribers customize and unify services for...Read more

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