Early Career Faculty Academy

The Early Career Faculty Academy is a learning community designed specifically for a cohort of first-year, tenure-track faculty who, with the encouragement of their DEOs, make a commitment to participate. The cohort explores various aspects of teaching and provides one another with support, accountability, and feedback in preparation for the third-year review.Read more

Big Ideas Faculty Learning Community

Unizin Mission & Values

“Increasingly, digital ecosystems are infrastructure—more like common gauge rails than differentiating features of a university.”

– Prof. James Hilton, Vice Provost of Digital Educational Initiatives & Dean of Libraries, University of Michigan

Unizin has been created to help member...Read more

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Unizin Task Forces

April 20, 2015

Video Management Task Force - Lisa Martincik and Annette Beck

The Video Management Requirements Task Force will advise on requirements for a video management repository and delivery solution. This recommendation will confirm and list all of the necessary...Read more

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Graduate Students & Postdocs

Graduate TAs and Postdocs are important members of the University of Iowa teaching community. Whether leading courses on their own or working closely with faculty, TAs and postdocs contribute to student success through designing courses, assisting professors, conducting labs, and developing...Read more


Unizin logo

Unizin is a consortium of universities formed around the idea that higher education—and not just private vendors—should own, direct and share a set of services that further teaching and learning. It has been created to help member universities and subscribers customize and unify services for...Read more

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