The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) is the scholarly inquiry into student learning and teaching through evidence-based practice. Faculty members engage in SoTL by closely examining and reflecting on student learning in their own classes or disciplines to advance teaching practice through public presentation and discourse.

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Key characteristics of the scholarship of teaching and learning.
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SoTL has become an increasingly valuable resource for instructors - including those at The University of Iowa - who seek to improve their teaching based on evidence of student learning.

The Center for Teaching has initiated new resources to support all instructors in any disciplines who would like to engage in a SoTL project. The new resources include one-on-one consultations and department workshops that help faculty participants to define research questions and hypotheses and outline research designs and data collection procedures.

The Center also has opened a SoTL umbrella IRB to instructors in any discipline. The SoTL Umbrella IRB gives instructors a simpler process of IRB approval and broad latitude for research design options. Under the SoTL Umbrella application, IRB approval takes about two weeks. To start the process, instructors need to submit the following to the Center:

  1. Fileabstract1.docx (Print out and complete the form, and submit a hard copy)
  2. One of the IRB pre-approved consent forms (The center provide an appropriate consent form that would fit in your study)
  3. Description of data collection tools (e.g., survey questions, interview questions if applicable)
  4. Depending on your research design, additional materials might be required.

For more information or request a consultation/ department workshop, contact Jane Russell at 384-2724 or


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