Picture of Dave Long

David Long

IT Manager
2800 UCC
Mailing Address 
2800 University Capitol Centre
200 South Capitol Street
Iowa City, IA 52242
United States
  • B.A. Communication Studies, University of Iowa
  • B.S. Technical Communication, minors in Computer Science, English, Iowa State University

As an IT Manager, David leads a team of people responsible for providing tier-three support and service management for ICON (Canvas), UI Capture (Panopto), Kaltura, Zoom, Exam Scoring, Canvas Catalog, Respondus, and other services. 

In 2007, David earned the "Improving Our Workplace Award" for his contribution to the ICON Implementation project. 


Committees and Memberships:

  • Internal Groups at Iowa
    • ICON (Canvas) Steering Committee - chair.  This is the advisory board for the University of Iowa's LMS system, and is sponsored by the Academic Technology Leadership Team.  
    • IT Leadership Development Team - chair 2019-2020.  Sponsored by the CIO, this group's charge is to ensure continued leadership development and application of leaderships skills at the individual, unit, and institutional levels.  This group assists with organizing the MOR Associates IT Leadership Development Program at Iowa, organizing "What's on Your Mind?" events, as well as other IT professional development events.    
    • ITAdmins - member.  A grass-roots organization for IT administrators and support staff who manage local IT resources in the context of UI enterprise services.
    • Support Community for Instructional Technology (SCIT) - member.  SCIT provides a venue for anyone who works with instructional technology at the University of Iowa to connect with one another on best practices, emerging trends, and new instructional technology. 
  • External Groups 
    • Canvas R1 Institution Peer Group - member, 2016 - present.  The Canvas Peers Research Universities Group brings together representatives from large public and private research universities to share best practices around using Canvas to support teaching and learning.
    • Unizin/Instructure Teaching and Learning subgroup - participating member.  The Unizin/Instructure Teaching and Learning subgroup's goal is to help facilitate conversations between Unizin and Canvas. 
    • Unizin Anti-Plagiarism Requirements Task Force – member.  This short-term committee worked on defining requirements for a plagiarism detection service. 
    • MultiState Desire2Learn Users Group (MSDL) - chair 2012-2014, member 2010 - 2016.  MSDL is a collaborative group of technical and functional leads representing large higher education institutions (over 20,000 FTE)  working in consultation with and reporting to the LISA-B group. 


Conference Presentations: 

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