Ready, Set, Go
Published Date 
May, 2016
Clicker change

Changes coming to clickers

Starting this fall, UI students will have a more convenient way to provide instant response to professors’ polls and questions during class. Instead of bringing separate clicker devices to class as they have in the past, they’ll be able to use other wireless-enabled personal devices—like laptops...Read more

Dressing the Part

As graduation events take place at the end of each semester, students and parents often ask about the significance of graduation regalia. The style, colors, and meaning of academic dress have a venerable history —one that arose in Europe and now is generally shared across most institutions of...Read more

Space Science: Data Helps Find the Best Fit Classroom

Sometimes it’s hard to imagine how we did anything before computers. Ordering airline tickets. Designing automobiles. Tracking government payrolls. Wayfinding.

Or in the case of the UI Office of the Registrar, juggling thousands of requests for 245 general assignment classrooms, across...Read more

Lending Library at the Center for Teaching in 2080 University Capitol Centre

Summer Read-a-Thon: Staff Picks

The Center for Teaching lending library has a wide variety of books, teaching & learning journals, and DVDs on various teaching topics.

The Center for Teaching staff members have put together a list of recommended books available for checkout in the Center's lending library. Stock up...Read more

Graduating Seniors Say Thanks

The UI Senior Exit Survey underscores the fact that students appreciate the great work being done by faculty and staff at UI. Administered at the time students file to graduate, the survey includes an opportunity for graduating seniors to identify faculty and staff members who have made a...Read more