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January, 2016
Image of students standing in a circle.

NYT Sparks Renewed Active-Learning Debate

Given the gravity of current national and international events, the furor sparked by a recent Op-Ed about lecturing in college classes came as something of a surprise.

Because let’s face it, it’s not often that a national conversation erupts about teaching strategies in higher education—...Read more

Photo of a professor speaking in front of a whiteboard.

Micro-Teach for Macro Reward

Learning how to give a good presentation or to become a more confident instructor can be difficult. It takes time and practice to know how an audience experiences a presentation and to understand how to sound and appear confident and engaging.

To help presenters see themselves more...Read more

Photo of a computer with One Button Studio recording an instructor.

One Button Studio: Click, Record and Go

Recording a great video is a lot harder than it looks. Navigating complex “gee-whiz” camera features, finding a backdrop that that doesn’t include a pesky cat, controlling lighting, and capturing audio that sounds better than a submarine radio transmission can frustrate the most dedicated user....Read more