Affordability. Flexibility. Accessibility. 

Faculty members share why they chose to use ICON Direct, the University of Iowa’s initiative for ordering and delivering digital content, in their courses.

“With physical textbooks, there would sometimes be a two-week delay before students acquired their books. This could easily cause a learning backlog. With ICON Direct, students have access to course materials on day one. And while many students were reluctant in the beginning, they’ve grown accustomed to the flexibility, portability, and affordability of digital textbooks and don’t look back once they’ve tried it.”

—Wade Steenhoek, associate professor of practice, Management and Entrepreneurship

“I chose to use ICON Direct first and foremost because it saves my students money, and the expense of buying textbooks can be a barrier for many students. Lack of access to needed course materials at the beginning of a semester is an ongoing problem, which causes students to get behind in required readings. ICON Direct eliminates many difficulties students frequently experience when purchasing textbooks, such as physical textbooks not arriving on time or enrolling in the class late and not having immediate access to needed materials. ICON Direct helps address each of these issues and is a win/win for students and instructors.”

—Pam Ries, clinical professor, Teaching and Learning

“ICON Direct has dramatically improved how students get access to the textbook and ancillary materials for my course. It acts as a one-stop shop, allowing students to get everything they need with a click of a button. Previously, I spent a lot of additional effort trying to determine the optimal way to get students to purchase textbooks, including creating documentation and responding to numerous textbook questions. With ICON Direct, I provide students with a link, and they’re billed for the course materials through their U-BIll, simplifying the process for everyone involved.”

—John Manak, professor, Biology and Pediatrics

Ordering ICON Direct Materials

The winter 2021 and spring 2022 deadline to order ICON Direct materials is Monday, Nov. 8. You can place an order using the ICON Direct Ordering Tool. For questions or assistance in ordering, please email