Deb Trusty

In a presentation to the Academic Technology Advisory Council, Deb Trusty, lecturer and director of undergraduate studies in Classics, showcased how she used Top Hat as an engagement tool for Classical Mythology, a large enrollment course.

Trusty explained how she posed questions to students and described the online discussions held in the backchannel of class, creating spaces for students to demonstrate their learning and cultivate a learning community.

“I watched faces light up as the realization hit of how dynamic Top Hat could be when used in conjunction with teaching best practices,” says Maggie Jessie, senior director of the Office of Teaching, Learning & Technology.

Now you can see Trusty’s use of Top Hat in action, thanks to Mark Hamilton, an instructional services specialist in Distance and Online Education, and the Office of Teaching, Learning & Technology’s Instructional Services group.

  • Video 1: What is Top Hat? How is Top Hat different from a clicker? How do you use Top Hat? How do Top Hat and ICON connect?
  • Video 2: How do you use the Top Hat discussions? How do you use Top Hat to take attendance? How does Top Hat compare to other academic technologies?
  • Video 3: How can instructors prepare students to use Top Hat? What is your favorite way to use Top Hat? Why do you use Top Hat?

Top Hat Order Deadline for Winter 2021 and Spring 2022

Top Hat Classroom Pro is now offered as an ICON Direct digital item at a reduced cost; students can purchase a license for $13. To use Top Hat in the winter 21 or spring 22 terms, it should be ordered by Monday, Nov. 8, 2021.

Want to know more about Top Hat or need assistance in ordering it for your course? Contact the Office of Teaching, Learning & Technology.