ICON Groups provide opportunities for students to work collaboratively and engage with their peers within a dedicated space of a course site. Using the tool, students can easily work in groups to complete assignments, hold discussions, upload and share files, and make announcements.  

There are several ways to create and use groups. Instructors can allow students to create their own (study) groups, or instructors can create the groups. Groups can be self-sign-up, manually enrolled, or auto enrolled. Once groups are established, instructors have the option to create (graded or ungraded) group assignments. 

How Are Group Assignments Made?  

Creating a group assignment is almost identical to creating an individual assignment. In the “Group Assignment” setting, check the box indicating “This is a Group Assignment” and select any previously created Group Set to associate with the assignment. If you need to create new groups for this assignment, you can do so by clicking “New Group Category.”  

How Are Group Assignments Graded?  

With a Group Assignment, students will submit the assignment and be graded as a group. When students submit their work, they will be presented with a message that their submission will be on behalf of the entire group. SpeedGrader will display the name of each group, and the assigned grade will be given to all members of a group with their respective submission. Comments made on group assignments that are not graded individually are sent to the whole group. 

If you wish to assign individual scores, click the “Assign Grades to Each Student Individually” option. For Group Assignments with individual grading selected, SpeedGrader displays the name of each individual student. Comments left in SpeedGrader for these assignments can be sent to one student in a group or to the entire group. 

Do ICON Groups Work in Zoom?  

ICON Groups are not connected to Zoom, so they cannot be used for breakout rooms. Learn more about Zoom breakout rooms


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