Captions for your audio/video content are an essential piece in accessible and approachable materials.  

Two main options are available for both post-produced and live captions. Professional captions are typed or reviewed by a person to meet accuracy standards. However, they can be expensive and take time to produce. Another option is captions generated by Automated Speech Recognition (ASR) technology. We always recommend checking ASR captions for accuracy before releasing them to students. 

If synchronous content is your focus, CART (Communication Access Real-Time Translation) captions can be added as a live stream of text with your voice. They are guaranteed to be accurate and representative of the audio. CART captions are different from what is available for free on many platforms. With free solutions, there is often a rift between what is said and what is recognized. 

If asynchronous distribution fits your use case better, consider post-production captions. In most cases, ASR captions that have been corrected are a great option. Remember that no one is reviewing the content of the captions before they are returned to you. Professional captions can be better when accuracy is paramount, or when the additional cost is less important than the effort needed to improve ASR captions. UICapture (Panopto) can provide ASR and automatically request professional captions for content, depending on the use case.  

Learn more about captioning from the IT Accessibility Office. Read more about some of the tools available at Iowa that can help integrate captions into your courses.