Students working on laptops in groups in a TILE classroom

The University of Iowa TILE (Transform, Interact, Learn, Engage) Program is a nationally-recognized initiative to increase student retention, enrollment, and overall academic success by transforming courses and making the most effective use of learning spaces.

TILE has always offered both pedagogical support and tech training. Instructors are not only taught how to use the technology but also are provided course redesign strategies that can help them take full advantage of the active-learning classroom design. A two-day pedagogical training—TILE Essentials—is required to teaching in a TILE classroom.  Led by Center for Teaching and other OTLT staff, the event is open to any instructor on campus interested in transforming their courses using inquiry-guided, active learning. 

Although TILE is not the first program of its kind, the combination of broad campus adoption, required instructor pedagogical training, outcomes-based research, and ongoing support resources has given the University of Iowa a national reputation distinct from similar programs at peer institutions. 

Since the program launched, 337 UI instructors, staff and TAs in 11 colleges and a number of other units, have participated in TILE professional development. As of March 2016, 20,626 students have enrolled in 946 course sections.

Staff in the ITS Office of Teaching, Learning & Technology (OTLT) also have partnered with faculty members to conduct outcomes-based research aimed at understanding the nature of teaching and learning in TILE classrooms. The research findings will continue to help guide the development of technological and pedagogical support for TILE courses. 

Registration is open for the next TILE Essentials held on June 2 and June 9th

Transformed spaces can provide the perfect opportunity to transform teaching and learning.

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