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Since introducing Gradescope this spring, over 200 instructors and TAs have used it to assess and provide feedback to students. Instructors using it found that it helped them easily create and edit rubrics, grade faster, and provide better feedback on assignments.

Save Time and Provide More Meaningful Feedback

The Office of Teaching, Learning & Technology conducted a survey to better understand how Gradescope has impacted faculty grading efforts across campus. One instructor shared that Gradescope “...allowed us to provide more meaningful feedback to students while managing a reasonable workload for instructional staff.”

Another instructor highlighted how Gradescope stands out from other assessment and feedback tools through its dedication to the instructor experience.

 “A lot of edutech software doesn't seem to be designed with course staff experience in mind. Even seemingly small problems with the user interface become major pain points when they occur repeatedly. Gradescope is one of the few edutech software (that I've used) that seems to have obsessed over the instructor experience. It really shows when you are grading dozens of assignments.”

Other instructors discussed the ease with which Gradescope allows them to grade alongside or in conjunction with their TAs.

“Even if I have all short essay or annotated pictures for test problems, the interface helps to grade more consistently, and it allows me to grade 'remotely', i.e., without having the tests with me. This also allows better parallelization of grading with TAs.”

"[Gradescope] made it much more consistent and efficient. It's easier for TAs to access and grade work. ...The format makes it much easier to provide substantive feedback to students without needing the time to write extensive comments on each assignment.”

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Add Gradescope to Your Courses

Instructors can add Gradescope to their courses by going to their ICON course settings and enabling Gradescope in the Navigation tab. 

Gradescope can be switched on at any point in the semester; however, it cannot be added to an in-progress or closed assignment.

For more information and resources, visit the Gradescope web pages. If you have questions, email the Office of Teaching, Learning & Technology at teaching@uiowa.edu