Virtual, augmented, and mixed realities are shifting our experience of education from the one-dimensional (physical) to the multi-dimensional (physical and virtual).

Join us at 4CAST’20, Through the Looking Glass: Layered Realities and the Future of Learning, on Thursday, Jan. 16, 2020, from 8:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. in University Capitol Centre 2520. We will explore whether immersive media technologies might offer ways of imagining new directions in learning and help us identify a path to get there.

"In 10 years, we will wonder how we ever taught without immersive technology," says Sean Hauze, PhD, associate director of instructional technology services and adjunct professor in the Department of Educational Leadership at San Diego State University.

Hauze will present the 4CAST keynote address and will be joined by Sara Kassis, PhD, director of Women in Tech, faculty fellow of immersive learning, and adjunct in the Department of Engineering at Sonoma State University.

Their session, "Virtual Immersive Teaching and Learning (VITaL): Future Trends & Current Realities," will showcase several applications for virtual, augmented, and mixed realities across disciplines within the California State University and beyond. Attendees will discover how the VITaL initiative enables students and faculty to develop, research, and learn with these technologies collaboratively, as well as creative ways to integrate these technologies into their courses now and in the future.

"Everyone's excited about using virtual reality in the classroom but might not be sure where to start,” says Kassis. “We'll talk about best practices and strategies on how to start, how to scale, tips on conducting research, and even content development. We're looking forward to presenting at 4CAST’20."

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4CAST'20 is a partnership between the Office of Teaching, Learning & Technology; the UI Libraries; and the Division of World Languages Language Media Center.