A college student sitting at desk behind a laptop and they are smiling at the camera.

Incorporating peer review assessment into coursework gives your students an opportunity to become better readers, writers, and collaborators.

Peerceptiv, a tool to augment peer review of writing, gives students a structured process to critique and provide feedback to other students in their class. At the same time, it provides instructors with a window into exactly what work is being done. ICON and Peerceptiv are fully integrated, allowing instructors and students to participate in peer review activities online, in either synchronous or asynchronous classroom settings.

Over the summer, Peerceptiv underwent significant changes that give instructors even more options when designing peer evaluations and assessments.

Peerceptiv has a new graphical interface so instructors can set the different stages of a peer review assignment on one screen.

Screenshot of Peerceptiv graphical interface including a calendar with upcoming assignments and deadlines

Peerceptiv also removed the minimum number of reviews per student in a review assignment.

Screenshot of Peerceptiv assignment editor asking how many reviews per student

Peerceptiv rubrics can now be created with any number of rating or commenting prompts in any order. Further, instructor supplied resources (URLs or files) can be shared with students who are scoring below an instructor selected threshold.

Screenshot of Peerceptiv attach a help resource screen with upload options for URLs and files

Peerceptiv now gives instructors control over what, if any, feedback is shown to students after a peer review assignment. If instructors want students to participate in peer evaluation assignments but do not want students to see the comments their group members made, they may choose to hide the comments.

Screenshot of Peerceptiv advanced visibility settings and options available

Peerceptiv continues to give instructors a view into the real-time progress of their peer review assessments but now in a new table format.

Screenshot of Peerceptiv assignment progress for individual peer assessment

If you are thinking about incorporating peer assessments into your coursework or previously had students generate feedback on paper and would like to know how technology can facilitate this process, Peerceptiv is available within ICON as an external tool assignment type.

Learn more about Peerceptiv on the OTLT website, or contact the ITS Help Desk.