Lightning Talks

Office of Teaching, Learning & Technology Senior Director Maggie Jesse was recently nominated by a Unizin Board member to attend the Unconference for Dreamers, Doers, & Drivers Shaping the Future of Learning hosted by Arizona State University and facilitated by ASU CIO, Lev Gonick.


Jesse was among 120 other leaders in the field of teaching and learning technologyfrom across the United States and several international institutions as well, including colleagues from five Big Ten and three Unizin universities.


As an “unconference” the event presented no formal agenda. Instead, prior to the event, attendees prepared and discussed a “dream” or idea through an online discussion forum about what the future of learning technologies might hold. Several “dreams” then became “lightning talks” at the Phoenix conference which participants then built upon through deeper discussions.


While all of these talks were thought-provoking and even provocative at times, Jesse was particularly intrigued by the lightning talk about micro-credentialing, including badges, mini-degrees, and certificates that can indicate proficiency in a certain skill, ability, or knowledge.


“Some discussions, such as the micro-credentialing group, are spinning off into longer term discussion groups,” Jesse says. “Many EDUCAUSE staff members attended the un-conference, and I’m sure these topics will begin showing up in programs and webinars supported by them, as well as at the Unizin Teaching & Learning group meetings.”


Other lightning talk topics included:


o   XR (cross reality), VR (virtual reality), AR (augmented reality)

o   Machine learning

o   Generational gaps and overlaps

o   Data

o   Personalized learning