Student carrying overflowing stack of textbooks across campus.

It may feel like the fall semester has barely begun, but now is the time to select instructional materials for the courses you will teach in the winter or spring term.  

After you’ve selected content that aligns with your learning objectives, it is important to communicate these selections to your future students. The Higher Education Opportunity Act requires that book titles, ISBNs, and prices of required and recommended books and other materials are included on the institution's electronic schedule of courses (MAUI/MyUI) in time for student registration.

The Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost encourages instructors to place their course material orders by early registration with either ICON Direct, the Iowa Hawk Shop and University Bookstore, or the ISBA Law Bookstore. These sources connect to MAUI and automatically display selected content to students.

  • The Iowa Hawk Shop and University Bookstore uses Follett Discover, a system where departmental administrators and faculty can place course materials, textbooks, and other resource orders online.
  • ICON Direct is the University of Iowa's initiative for ordering required digital content from specific publishers and delivering this content to students and faculty through their ICON course sites at a discounted cost.

If you have selected an open educational resource (OER) for your course textbook or have resources/non-textbook items that students will need, this information should be reported in MAUI using the “Other Resources and Additional Information” field. 

Resources that are available in the library do not need to be listed in MAUI. Instead, make them accessible to your students in your ICON course site using Course Materials+.

Whether your materials are required, optional, or recommended is a crucial decision. For example, a required course material indicates that the content is an integral part of the course and not having it would make achieving successful outcomes more difficult. Unless materials are required, certain scholarships or programs may not be able to help students acquire your selected course materials.

Course material selection is a complex process that directly impacts student success. If you have any questions about ordering course materials from the University Bookstore’s Follett Discover tool or the ICON Direct Order Tool, please do not hesitate to contact these offices.