Person looking at a laptop displaying ICON and Microsoft logos

A new integration is now available in ICON. The Microsoft Office365 integration allows instructors and students to use, create, share, and collaborate on files within their ICON course sites. Office365 integrates into many areas, including Assignments, Collaborations, and the course navigation menu.

Creating an Office365 Assignment will allow an instructor to distribute OneDrive for Business files to the entire class. Students will receive a copy of the file in their own OneDrive for Business account, which they can then work on and submit to the ICON assignment dropbox when they are finished. The instructor can then take advantage of SpeedGrader to assess the student’s work.

Creating an Office365 Collaboration allows instructors to create Excel, PowerPoint, or Word documents for students and student groups. Students can work together simultaneously on these files while utilizing the Office365 chat functions to further increase collaboration.

Office365 files can also be added to a Course Module. An instructor can link to any file in their OneDrive for Business account, and open this file in either the course page, or in a new tab; Office documents such as Word, PowerPoint, and Excel will display automatically.

Finally, the Office365 integration in the Rich Content Editor enables even more areas—including  Announcements, Discussions, and Quizzes—to connect a course to OneDrive for business files.

If you would like to learn more about the Office365 integration, please visit:

We will also have three training sessions available, where we will go over the new Microsoft Office365 integration to ICON. To register for a training session, click here.

You can also contact the ITS Help Desk ( to request a one-on-one consultation on implementing this technology tool in your teaching.