Close up of hands using a tablet to navigate in the ICON dashboard

A new quiz engine called New Quizzes is coming to Canvas, the learning management system that powers ICON. New Quizzes will allow instructors to create assessments using a wider variety of question types and provide new features, such as the option to print quizzes and course-wide student quiz accommodations.

Recommendations for Using New Quizzes

UI instructors have the option to enable New Quizzes in their ICON courses. Once activated, instructors can choose to create quizzes using either the new quizzing platform or the classic quizzing tool.

While New Quizzes will eventually replace the current Quizzes in ICON, we recommend that most instructors wait until more features, such as bulk migration, are available before switching.

For instructors interested in trying New Quizzes, we suggest testing it in an ICON test site or with small, low-stakes quizzes before trying it with high-stakes assessments. It is possible to use New Quizzes and Classic Quizzes in the same ICON course.

Screen shot of ICON dashboard that allows an instructor to select which quiz engine they want to use, either Classic Quizzes or New Quizzes.
Migration Timeline

  • September 2022: New Quizzes available as an option.
    • Classic Quizzes available.
    • New Quizzes available for instructors who choose to use it.
    • Instructors can use both.
  • Summer 2023: Iowa turns New Quizzes on for all courses.
    • Classic Quizzes available.
    • New Quizzes automatically available in all courses at Iowa.
    • Instructors can use both.
  • Summer 2024: Canvas turns off Classic Quizzes.
    • Only New Quizzes available.
    • Classic Quizzes no longer available for quiz creation.
    • Classic Quiz content still available to view and migrate.

Attend an Upcoming Training Session

To help with the transition, OTLT is offering New Quizzes trainings. For fall 2022, the trainings will focus on creating content in New Quizzes; future trainings will include topics such as quiz migration.