The Office of Teaching, Learning & Technology (OTLT) recently renamed one of its units to better reflect its mission to support data-informed teaching and learning. OTLT Research and Assessment is now known as OTLT Research and Analytics.

“The new name highlights our increasing focus on the application of learning analytics to promote student success,” says Jane Russell, associate director of OTLT Research and Analytics. “It helps distinguish our unique role at the university."

OTLT Research and Analytics focuses on curriculum/course analysis, learning analytics, and teaching and learning research.

Through careful evaluation of available data on a course’s historical trends, structure, delivery formats, and students, OTLT Research and Analytics can help instructors make data-informed decisions and provide an improved understanding of a course and its students. 

They glean data from students' interactions with learning technologies (e.g., ICON, clickers, Elements of Success) analyzing and visualizing it to generate actionable insights into students' learning behaviors.

They use the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) umbrella IRB to give instructors a simpler process for IRB approval and broad latitude for research design options. They also help outline research questions and designs, consult on data collection and analysis, and support dissemination. 

To contact staff in the OTLT Research and Analytics, please email