Learning Design Collaboratory 2017 Cohort
Learning Design Collaboratory Faculty Community of Practice

Where can UI faculty members team up with instructional designers, instructional technology support staff, and educational researchers all with years of experience in research-based teaching practices? Answer: In the University of Iowa’s new Learning Design Collaboratory—an innovative, team-based structure and approach enabling faculty members to:


  • Deliver measurable, positive student outcomes in their courses
  • Improve their own faculty experience
  • Enhance the quality of their course design and delivery
  • Improve efficiency of course delivery with lowered overall costs


The Learning Design Collaboratory kicked off in spring 2017 as a focused strategic University of Iowa initiative with a team-based approach to enhance teaching and learning outcomes across campus. The Learning Design Collaboratory is designed to introduce new teaching practices and course redesigns based on solid research and assessment, without adding an undue burden to our already very busy faculty. The initiative provides small funding incentives as well as a broad range of staff support.


To gain the most value from the services provided, faculty members are encouraged to participate in all opportunities the Learning Design Collaboratory offers. However, faculty may come to the process at different times or with different needs. Program staff provide one-on-one consulting to determine the most appropriate support needs for individual faculty and courses.


The following Learning Design Collaboratory activities, listed in priority order, are available:


  1. Faculty Community of Practice - an interdisciplinary group of faculty fellows who meet regularly to reflect on, share, and implement best practices, ask questions of colleagues, and provide feedback and support.
  2. Individual Course Development Team - a team of support staff that may include instructional designers, media producers, librarians, and other instructional support experts with a goal of developing or enhancing a specific course.
  3. Research and Assessment - project assessment to measure outcomes for continuous improvement and/or to provide ongoing educational research opportunities.


On top of the tremendous staff support, faculty members are also provided small stipends for participating in each of the Learning Design Collaboratory activities.


If you are interested in exploring this opportunity a bit more, please contact Ania Kowalik (anna-kowalik@uiowa.edu) or Chris Clark (chris-clark@uiowa.edu) in the Office of Teaching, Learning & Technology for more information or to set up a consultation.