As presidential candidates visit Iowa in advance of the caucuses, conversations around political community are becoming increasingly more important. In the spirit of this political climate, the OTLT Center for Teaching, in partnership with the Iowa City UNESCO City of Literature, will host a public event called the Political Season during the Iowa City Book Festival.

“We wanted to bring the community connected to the City of Literature and the university community together to create a dialogue about the political season, especially given Iowa’s unique political position,” said Erik Fuhrer, assistant director for the Center for Teaching.

The public event is the culmination of conversations that began in a learning community of University of Iowa instructional staff and local community members. The group discussed current political issues through the lens of literary and critical texts and an exhibit at the Stanley Museum of Art.

“One goal of the learning community was to inspire more productive and generative political discussions,” said Fuhrer. “With our public event, we hope to continue the conversation and share techniques about how to navigate political discussions inside and outside the classroom.”

Register for the Political Season workshop to be held from 2:30 to 3:30 p.m. Sunday, Oct. 6, in Meeting Room D of the Iowa City Public Library.