Seth King, Ibrahim Demir, Tyler Bell, and Jennifer Fiegel

Funded through student technology fees, the Innovations in Teaching with Technology Awards (ITTA) support significant, innovative projects that show the potential to improve teaching and learning at the University of Iowa. 

Congratulations to this year’s recipients.

Enhancing Engineering Ethics Education through Gamification: A Choose-Your-Own-Path Activity

Jennifer Fiegel, associate professor of chemical and biochemical engineering, received $18,000 to transform an interactive, choose-your-path ethics activity from a card-based game into a web-based interface. Using the interface will allow more students to engage with the activity, and the integration of video will facilitate a more immersive experience for participants. The web-based interface will also provide students with an opportunity to hone their ethical decision-making skills by replaying the game to select different paths.

VIBE: Virtual Instruction in Behavioral Education

Seth King, assistant professor of special education, and Tyler Bell, assistant professor of electrical and computer engineering, were awarded $56,180 for a project evaluating the effectiveness of an automated virtual reality (VR) simulation to teach intensive behavior management skills to general educators. The final simulation will be included in a learning module featured in courses offered within the College of Education.

AI Enabled Intelligent Assistant (AIIA) for Personalized and Adaptive Learning and Advising

Ibrahim Demir, associate professor of civil and environmental engineering, received $25,611 to develop a prototype framework for an artificial intelligence enabled personalized smart assistant. Through data curation and platform integration (e.g., ICON, messaging applications), the personalized smart assistant will support instructors by responding to students’ questions on course logistics (e.g., syllabus, deadlines, announcements); providing students with quick information on scientific knowledge (e.g., terms, concepts, relations); and acting as their study partner (e.g., practice question generation).

Learn more about the Innovations in Teaching with Technology Awards. Applications for the next cycle will open in fall 2022.