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Do you have an idea for an innovative teaching project that involves technology and focusses on student learning? The Innovations in Teaching with Technology Awards (ITTA) might provide the support you need.


Each year, the Academic Technology Advisory Council (ATAC) hosts the ITTA program, which is designed to enhance teaching and learning at the University of Iowa by supporting innovative instructional technology projects.


In 2017, The Academic Technology Advisory Council awarded a total of $96,390 for 7 proposals.


The awarded ITT projects varied greatly, but all centered around a significant and innovative instructional technology with a focus on student success and retention.


Rema Afifi, professor in the College of Public Health was given an award for “Enhancing Public Health Training,” which was geared towards merging existing technologies on campus and creating a new course focused on global collaboration between five international universities. Geb Thomas, professor in the College of Engineering was given an award for “Guided Tinkering,” focused on developing a software tool that draws on game-like elements to assist students in learning about relational databases.


This year’s deadline to submit an ITTA proposal is October 15, 2018. If you are interested in submitting a proposal, continue reading about the other 2017 awarded projects:


Please also review the Proposal Guidelines for the Innovations in Teaching with Technology Awards and proposals that were awarded funding in prior years. Additionally, applicants are encouraged to contact Steve Tomblin at 335-6271 or by email at for assistance in determining whether their idea for a proposal is suitable for ITTA funding.