ICON Direct is the University of Iowa's initiative for ordering digital content from specific publishers and delivering this content to students and faculty using the inclusive access model. 

Inclusive access programs can deliver significant savings to your students; however, there are other benefits to selecting an electronic textbook for your courses. The inclusive aspect of the model means that every student enrolled has the same content available on the first day of class. By delivering content through the ICON course site, ICON Direct ensures that all students and faculty have access to their content in a common, easily accessible location.

A faculty member must decide whether or not ICON Direct eligible materials are appropriate for their courses. This required material, a publisher's eText or online learning platform, will be provided to all students enrolled in the course. All students will have to either opt out of the program or pay for the content through their U-Bill after the start of the course. 

Instructors and departmental administrators may place an order for ICON Direct materials by logging into the ICON Direct Order Tool. Orders for fall 2021 should be placed by Monday, April 12. 

Materials selected through the ICON Direct Order Tool will be listed as required material for all students enrolled in the course. Selection of any inclusive access materials should be made with the understanding that they are essential for student success in the course.