Tasha Souza

When the University of Chicago recently informed its incoming class that the school would not support so-called “safe spaces” or “trigger warnings,” the reaction was swift. The New York Times, Chronicle of Higher Education, faculty members, students, and others added to the vibrant debates already swirling about campus free speech, political correctness, and the supposed delicate sensibilities of Millennials.

Similar discussions were raised at the UI last year, including conversations facilitated by Faculty Senate and the Office of Outreach & Engagement’s “Just Living” theme semester.  To build on those discussions, the Center for Teaching has invited Tasha Souza, PhD to conduct an interactive workshop on “Difficult Dialogues and Stereotype Threat: Facilitating Classroom Discussions.

Dr. Souza is the Associate Director for the Center for Teaching and Learning and Professor of Communication at Boise State University, as well as a nationally recognized consultant on communication and pedagogy. She has published on difficult dialogues in the classroom, multicultural education, and instructional communication.

Please join us for this interactive workshop on strategies to prepare students for and guide them through productive discussions about topics that can challenge assumptions and stereotypes. Seating is limited so registration is required.