Phillips Hall Room 17 (PH 17) is the University of Iowa’s only computer-assisted language learning laboratory. The updated design of the learning space is a contemporary take on the classic language learning lab and was developed in collaboration between the Division of World Languages, Literatures and Cultures’ Center for Language and Culture Learning (CLCL) and the Learning Spaces Technology (LST)  A/V Design and Installation team.

The lab represents the efforts of a grant proposal by Nicole Villanueva, CLCL instructional services manager, to modernize the previous audio lab and an A/V setup designed by Paul Ross, LST communications infrastructure architect. The resulting configuration of the learning space balances the needs of language instructors and learners and available classroom technologies.

“This project highlights how the campus will inevitably evolve over time, and what I mean by that is, rooms are becoming not just a place to teach but becoming an accessible space for any and every student,” says Ryan Adams, LST associate communications infrastructure engineer.

The lab includes 24 all-in-one workstations with microphone headsets and monitor-mounted webcams. The lab also features an Extron A/V control and media switching system, speaker system, webcam, and Mersive Solstice wireless presentation system. A laser projection system is accompanied by a 55-inch monitor that mirrors the room’s projection system. The lab also upgraded its software to the Sanako Study 1200 language lab software, which together help to make the learning space truly unique on campus.

This advanced language lab software is used for reading practice, speaking practice, listening comprehension, conversation, discussion with monitoring, commenting, and assessment capabilities. Networked between the instructor workstation and student desktops, the software allows instructors to directly observe student interaction via webcams and/or microphones for active learning, evaluation, or research purposes.

For example, the software allows instructors to guide student learning by going “through a PowerPoint and having the class partake in group activities using the software,” says Villanueva.

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